My name is Ola and I create all my life. Go Krafty, a brand with a soul, was born out of the inner need to create. My products are close to my heart and their production also begins from the heart. I love notebooks, calendars, planners, organizers, I love to write, design, plan, hence the Calendar / Organizer. I designed it from the very beginning, I did it as carefully and reliably as I could. I wanted something that accompanies us every day, at work or at university, to have something that would distinguish it from traditional calendars. I chose Pole Dance, which is the most beautiful sport, a large part of my physical activity. Since I was a child, I have been dancing and dancing has always accompanied me. It’'s still with me. At some point Pole Dance came my way and I fell in love with it. It is such a phenomenal discipline that I wanted to translate into graphics and weave it into something everyday. Calendar with Pole Dance theme. In addition, I wanted to give all Pole Dancers something that would further emphasize their passion, which they can take with them everywhere and show the world what they really have in their hearts. I want the Pole Dance Calendar / Organizer to be fun, but at the same time practical. Welcome to the world of Go Krafty, eco paper, beautiful illustrations and simple organization :)